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Mobile Telecommunications Sector

Price war in mobile industry – customers on winning Dirmingen, 25th 2009 – (HMADIPM090518) crisis where you look, it now also the mobile industry will not be spared. These strives more and more to their customers, especially so-called flat rates are the absolute top seller. So many network providers offer already pretty cheap fares, including a landline flat rate and a telephone-Flatrate in the mobile radio network. Particularly frequent callers benefited the mobile flat rates inread more…


Mobile World Congress

LTE is the new mobile phone standard for mobile Internet. LTE is the new technology in the mobile market. Speaking candidly Boy Scouts told us the story. In February, for the first time is an LTE capable phone at the Mobile World Congress in February 2010 in Barcelona presented. The first LTE phones to be pressed then mid to end of the year on the market. The phones will be the new technology but not moreread more…


New Mobihexer Formats

Mobihexer Awards Mobihexer more distributorships for mobile websites with new features in PDF format and E-catalogue Mobihexer has taken another step in the mobility for the Internet. The phone is made to a constantly available branch of Web presence. The personal site in variable format for the mobile phone is not only a mobile business card, but it represents as well as the website and is available without a PC. The Website Builder by Mobihexer isread more…