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The signing of Robert by the Saragossa, that owes 134 million, through a investment fund untied yesterday a new earthquake in soccer. Stock-market Portuguese suspended the quote of the Benfica, club of origin of the doorman, to request more information on a crossing that ascends to 8.6 million. The organization from Lisbon declared that the Aragonese has only paid 86,000 Euros, the equivalent to the cost of its federal card. The rest? " A Spanish societyread more…


Udea- The Hacker Chinese Of White Glove

Wei Gong and Tao Chinese two Wan are hackers that, sorry of their past, finishes publishing a book try to create followers so that safer solutions are developed. The book has called it " Agreement of self-discipline for hackers" in that they try to re-educate to cybernetic delinquents so that uses their knowledge with more ethical aims. The decision to write this book was forged after the decision of the Chinese Supreme Court in whom itread more…