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Looking For The Best In Others

How many they say with air and superiority! It goes to be on of the wall? what I answer! Yes and very yes! The guards are on the walls, those that abandon its ranks go down. We live in a world, where that one does not watch is not being useful nor for itself exactly. We have that to watch our thoughts, our acts, our accounts, our words, our language, our money. At last, who doesread more…


Human Heart

It is the human heart, place where nobody goes. But the Espirito Santo knows the deepening of the human heart, any that are the appearances, penetrates in it, discloses the thoughts and desires, the sins most private of the human being display, them to the full light. ' ' When the Spirit of the Truth to come, will lead you to it to the full truth. It will establish the culpability of the world regarding theread more…


Boyfriends Crisis

Paris or Madrid’ ‘ , it said un specialist business-oriented, Ghali Alaoui, general director of the travel agency Cosmic Travel. For these small trips, it has that to foresee more or less 400 dollars. Absence of trips to the exterior, Cosmic Travel offers a special package of local destination for ‘ ‘ Saint Valentine’ ‘: Excursions and strolls of Lisbon, Port, Brazil. Packages of scripts and trips in private group and. Atraintes tourist visits guided andread more…