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Vitalis House Emergency Center

A button and my CAREPHONE immediately connects me to my home emergency call centre Mrs. M. is 65 years old and lives in their condo in Lunen. Mrs. M. suffers from asthma and needs sometimes fast help. So that she can feel safe and secure at home alone around the clock, has let them settle the home emergency call and service system of Vitalis House emergency and carries a small radio transmitter as a Medallion. Niemanread more…


Government Agency

Interesting also for authorities: application management system to replace the paper application with many authorities electronic applicant management systems have entered yet no: so also at the Government Agency for the has carried out a preliminary study. It aimed to provide a comprehensive and reliable planning basis for the remainder of the forthcoming introduction of an electronic applicant management system. spot.Consulting has an analysis of the existing market for candidate management systems first carried out,read more…


Outsourcing Bookkeeping Services

Now changes the international global market trends when it comes to bookkeeping service, it indulges a lot of overhead in managing the accounting data and averaging the same. It could be simply managed, if the bookkeeping service is outsourced to other accounting firms that can efficiently manage the whole. Continue to learn more with: Dr. Neal Barnard. Organizations can now concentrate on core business functions rather than wasting time in paying focus on bookkeeping services. Outsourcingread more…