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Germany Munich

“Munich middle-class dialog showed innovative strategies for medium-sized companies in Munich, July 5, 2010 – tennis rackets, drugs, aircraft parts or whole cars: the generic business is booming”, stressed Patentanwalt Dipl.-ing. Nicolaus Preissner by the Chancellery wing Pan Kastel Schober at June 23, 2010 at the Munich-based middle-class dialog of Vantargis group. In the manufacturing sector in Germany piracy damages would be created as according to estimates of up to 50 billion euros a year. Sinceread more…


Managing Director

News from the PR agency PR4YOU the ODS GmbH ensures that the mail properly goes off and that is quite literally to take. \”The company, which is in the so-called Oberbaum-city\” (old Narva/OSRAM terrain) located in the District of Friedrichshain/Kreuzberg, Berlin is, has specialized in the performance areas of direct marketing, digital printing and postal service and offers in addition to the processing of daily mail also mailings and the mass sending of invoices. Right atread more…


Recruitment Consultant

Headhunters and recruiters need an immediately functioning database. Professor of Internet Governance does not necessarily agree. The Munich Software House has developed a new product: A light version of the popular IRO family – the “intelligent recruiting office”. Not developed sonderm by recruitment consultants iro by software developers. For 15 years, has iro proved itself in the day-to-day business of a reputable HR consulting and gradually developed and thus matured in practice and tested. Up toread more…


Right Broker Consultant Representative

and how do I know this? -Assistance in the search. The subject of private health insurance (PKV) or also hedge against the occupational disability is already inherently complicated enough. As it applies to worry, what you need for insurance protection, the consequences may have diseases and what you are as yet “just so” can afford itself. Yes, there are certainly more interesting, so you get a heart attack, has an accident or is permanently sick toread more…


Complete Knowledge

Translation Office Professional fast service translations, renowned provider of foreign language services translation agency professional quick service translations, renowned foreign language service provider in all languages and areas of expertise, begins the year 2010 with the announcement that the specialization of its translators and translator in the field of air – and space technology continue to advance. Aviation and space are a very special field within traffic engineering and engineering sciences. We have to do it,read more…


Vitalis House Emergency Center

A button and my CAREPHONE immediately connects me to my home emergency call centre Mrs. M. is 65 years old and lives in their condo in Lunen. Mrs. M. suffers from asthma and needs sometimes fast help. So that she can feel safe and secure at home alone around the clock, has let them settle the home emergency call and service system of Vitalis House emergency and carries a small radio transmitter as a Medallion. Niemanread more…


Government Agency

Interesting also for authorities: application management system to replace the paper application with many authorities electronic applicant management systems have entered yet no: so also at the Government Agency for the has carried out a preliminary study. It aimed to provide a comprehensive and reliable planning basis for the remainder of the forthcoming introduction of an electronic applicant management system. spot.Consulting has an analysis of the existing market for candidate management systems first carried out,read more…