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Assembly Alker

Highest precision for the individual winter garden, the Managing Director and founder of the WIGATEC glass and Metallbau GmbH Rudolf Richter was delighted the local politician and Deputy Chairman of the CDU faction Elke Brunnemer together with Assistant Director and head of the Department of rural areas to be able to welcome regional development and geographical information in the Ministry for nutrition and rural Hartmut Alker in the premises of his company. Judges opened the visitread more…


Wolfgang Bergmann

Everywhere, in all Nations social standards are, if any, cut back. The people for 17 cents work the hour for the European, American and East Asian industrial under slave-like conditions in China. The resulting products are sold here us super profits. At the same time scold these exploiters on the State of human rights in China. In Hong Kong, people live on in cages, which were introduced by British Kolonialherrchern. Communist China has passed through thatread more…


Munster City Centre

THE left NRW against Dolphinariums – animal rights activists favor left already in the last year had the animal welfare organization Wal and dolphin protection forum (WDSF) \”based in the Westphalian Hagen all political parties in Munster written to and asked to give an opinion regarding the housing conditions of the dolphins in the Allwetterzoo.\” After another hundredfold E-Mail action by animal rights activists from all over Germany to the Munster city councils was only theread more…


Group Foundation Zurich

That is an invaluable asset in particular after this disaster”, Foundation founder Bruno Stettler. The new orphanage in the black rain group should be financed in future donations. If the former Office rain group has been completely removed the black, it will accommodate over 15 rooms, a courtyard with a terrace for up to 20 children. Sanjaya: “In the last month we got a new refrigerator as well as a power generator from the Dominican Republic.”read more…


United States

The democratic Americans invented such as leasing, car-sharing, and the city library. Germans do not share but have and better defend their (expensive) possessions. In a, often unreflektiertem, patchwork nature of lifestyles we find sustainable and environmentally harmful human behaviors at the same time at each of us. It is due to the social situation, values worlds and lifestyles. Considered psychologically it goes to our inpiduellen expenses or cost-benefit: the higher is the environmentally conscious effort,read more…


Peace Service

Professionals support civic engagement for peace Cologne, November 25, 2008 since 1999 the Association for development aid (AGEH) provides qualified personnel for the civil peace service (CFS). Almost 10 years ago, the program was established by the Federal Government to strengthen civic engagement in creating peaceful societies in the crisis areas of the world. The basic idea: It is not enough to combat the symptoms. The structures that produce violence and destruction, must be changed fromread more…