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The Ones

It does not have authenticity, freedom, nor to know, only reproduction. The author poeticalally describes that ' ' in the kingdom of the thoughts, we are incorporal espritos, without gravity and necessity. Therefore, bigger happiness in the land of what does not exist that one that a productive spirit beautiful finds in itself exactly at the moments felizes.' ' E, we can add: that such joy occurs in special, when if is thinking and producing mentallyread more…


Leisure Process

Being capable to teach its Lucy son to watch over for the same truth that this does not come to bring it benefits. One adds in this quarrel that the virtuous acts of each HUMAN BEING are values that never if can leave to breach for any financial necessity, require yes that if it has perseverance, humildade, charity and honesty I obtain exactly, this age what it possua, among others, then ahead of as many preservedread more…