Tank Wholesale

But repeat. the main thing in this site – is competent structure, which determines the flow of material comfort unknown visitor, and it worth the effort! 3. As general site works, how to develop a site, how to get effect? So, explain the entire chain of effective site, the number of possible commercial saytohlama in runet reduced. And it will be pleasant and the company and customers and so and so. 1. About usability, I wrote, but on order Suppose an unknown user, owner of women's clothing store, decided to look for suppliers of . He dials into a search engine vehicles '', or 'tights' and sees a bunch of links to stores women's clothing.

They do not need him, so he wrote in the request 'tights wholesale'. So problem number 1 – obspechit hit our site in search results for 'tights wholesale'. This should be taken into account in the design phase! Since literate (not illiterate when you read the text and it is unclear who wrote it and why), Optimization of site content for further progress should be laid in the design of the structure. 2. Site around to be comfortable for the visitor to this we have spoken. But most importantly – a visitor should immediately understand that he got to where I did when I passed by reference, or closes and will open another site. Therefore, in the middle of our site should be pieces of information, such as showing a completely new models of tights, a short but visible unit, describing what is the wholesale supply and at the same time, the uniqueness of the wholesale offer. Then the client will understand that this is what we needed, and will be ready to go in the catalog may read the section 'about us' to understand how srezna company appearing on the site, etc.

Thus, the important point – the site needs to catch. 3. Further, we do not know how a leads the client. Someone is studying in detail everything you need someone formally 'wholesale supplier of tights', now the client is ready for detailed interactive dialogue. And so he did not seek, by clicking on any links, phone number, I suggest writing it in large at the top or in another highly visible place, dedicated to vision. There might be an address and a link to location map. Not prevent duplicate contacts smaller at the bottom, well, in the 'Company', for those who really are in the tank. So as a virtual client is materialized in the call. Well, depends on what quality manager is sitting by the phone. The main thing to consider when developing the site – as you'll learn from it a profit. Profit bring clients, so navigate to them. Thus, the site must be literate in structure. But the client could in principle be on the site, the site has yet to be optimized for key phrases that the potential client will use when searching. When the client has already entered the site, he should stay. The site should hitch a relevant, interesting and competently represent the interests of client information. After examining the site, client gotvy to communicate, should easily find contacts, contact and continue communication with manager living in the same comfortable way.