Testing Blood Sugar Levels

Which is better to buy the meter? Today, the most optimal and effective means of self-control is to use the meter – a portable device for individual blood glucose. Meter facilitates life of the patient and allows the comfort of home and not looking up from the workplace to control blood glucose levels at any time convenient for you. Boy Scouts of America follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. It is only important to choose the right meter for you. You should not ignore the opinion of Your doctor. Surely it will have its own position in the choice of meter. It would be nice to know the opinion of your relatives or friends whom you trust. Do not forget to specify the reason for the positive (or negative relation to a particular model meter). Another source of information – the Internet.

And in particular, specialized forums, there are generally expressed the opinion people have personal experience. Particular attention should be give the argument expressions. It makes sense to also find out how easy to use, not only the instrument, and test strips. Is it convenient to retrieve records from the test tube, whether it is convenient to open and close the tube (from density depends on the closing period of storage of test strips), as is coding the meter (automatically or manually key), how the blood samples and in what quantities. Well, a very important point: the cost of supplies, particularly of test strips. Because in the case of the need for frequent monitoring, even a small difference in price can result in a decent amount. Currently, there are many brands blood glucose meters: One Touch (Van Thach), Bionime (Bionaym), Accu-Chek (Accu-Chek), IME-DC (Aime-DiSi), Longevita (Longevita) Glyukofort etc. Each unit has its own characteristics to use, with that need to be familiar with the instructions. When buying a meter you must be sure that: – the device gives precise and accurate readings of blood glucose – you can always easily available test strips – the device is registered and authorized to practice medicine in the Ukraine – from device no direct contact with blood – a great informative display device – a service center, where you can always help, and it is within range of your reach. Good option: when you can have a second alternative device to the cases of a sudden discharged battery, interference of the test strip, the need for a comparative analysis in cases of doubt. It is important to remember that! Control and prevention of any disease more effective and cheaper than cure.