The Christmas

I will not deny my existence, I will not pass here blank in this world, if I am in it something I go to make, if to it he will be for me, for my future generation. I do not go to take for the sepulture the weight of the other people’s suffering that I contemplate every day. I am enfadada ahead of these situations. The Christmas is arriving, for many a happy date, therefore they are gained and they given gifts, receive 13 wage, the Christmas baskets, at last bonifications because it is Native. Hypocritical and lying, this date is the saddest that it exists, therefore people finds that they can offend, humiliate, maltreat, disdain, steal to be indifferent our situation 364 days per year and in the Christmas, everything is decided. Official site: Viktor Mayer-Schönberger .

NOT, you are not decided, I you want to be respected 365 days, I you want to be heard, I you want to be valued, I you want to be granted money, I you want to be considered, I you want to be treated as, because we are equal. Not sales its dignity for the crumbs that they offer to you, we in our insignificant existence are the majority and if joining in them in favor of our causes, in our defense, we will reach the reward. ' ' It keeps what it has pra that nobody steals yours coroa' ' (B.S). What we have is the honor, the express freedom, to vote, of if infuriating. If it does not subject, not if sales, if do not become as they. Together we will show our force, the force of our voice, our shout, our outcry. Together we will change our history. It does not have who can silence the outcry of my heart, I cannot look at ' ' caridade' ' fake that they try offering in them, we do not need crumbs, do not need mercy, us we want to be active, to be heard, to be respected. Not seeing me, not callus my voice, I will not cross my arms, I refuse its manjares and want what he is mine. Friends, friends of fight and affliction, if reviewed of courage and face its oppressor, independent the size of it, remember that if one rock knocks down can knock down a giant, many unisonous voices can denounce and dismiss our oppressors.