The Community

Bush and now President B. Obama plans had to be Trillonarios, which implies that the curve will continue to rapidly tending to be vertical and therefore we understand better than us We are approaching a large point of RUPTURE. Now, we do? Understand the miracle of Worgl requires breaking many mental paradigms, since we do not know another way of money, do not have a reference with that compare, just as it did when the telephone was invented people that then to hear from this invention, believed that crazy was talk by cables, with the Telegraph had enough to communicate. The money used in Worgl is another form of money, another concept, the concept that the more quickly circulates, more wealth is leaving in its path, as a weapon of mass creation, the Exchange is not stopped, everyone can sell what they offer and all we can buy what we need. Nobody fights anybody, because there is money in the economy. As only money wheel is used if it is in motion, or as single blood gives life if it flows freely through the veins, without interruptions. Used in Worgl money flows freely because it is at the same level of real wealth, this money by the effect of the rate of circulatory stimulation, is oxidized and that makes that the currency will assume a NEUTRAL role in the economy. It is true that a new concept of money, has not been promoted and implemented large scale at present, since there is no political interest, not convenience of very few and mostly by ignorance of the vast majority. But in any case avoiding these problems there are unstoppable movement of people around the world that promote coins at the community or regional level that complement or coexist with conventional legal tender currency, redesigned the solution according to them that I have tried everything with the political leaders, understand well will come from the foundations of societies.