The Company

It needs to exist a possibility of dialogue and relationship with the product or the company and to have fort social impact. (PEREZ, 2004). According to Keys (1998) and Delorme (1999), one logotipo of necessary quality of originalidade to destinguir itself amongst excessively, capacity of recognition and memorization, needs to be adept of the reproduction in any way. Finally, but not less important, it must be the incarnation of the image of the company. Forma and Design – the forms possess a proper language capable to cause effect and sensations in the consumers.

Lines straight lines and angles represent rigidity, firmness and masculinidade, already curves and undulations if associate the dinamicidade, sensuality and feminilidade. The lines in zigzag in them present with the direction of energy and agitation. The hatched lines present discontinuity, nervousness, indetermination and spalling. Vertical parallel bars express support and sustentation. (PEREZ, 2004). Design is on to an idea, that through the aesthetic one, is capable of if transforming into a plan to reach some objective or to solve some problem. For design it is possible to add to value the visual identity of the mark, leading the conquest of new customers.

Design if manifest through two qualities: functionality and style. The people always associate design to the good taste, something well-made. The best resources that we have to discover design are our directions, mainly of the vision when it is about advertising. Colors – It is the most important part of the set. When we speak in visual language, we live in a world colored, what it takes many people if to occupy of the colors of the aesthetic and scientific point of view. The colors are capable to cause physical reactions and psychic, for this reason they have resulted exciting or depressive when presented. The associated red blood to the death and the suffering; the fire in the bushes, with nuances of red? orange associated to the danger idea.