The Constitution

We confuse information with knowledge; and knowledge, science and wisdom. Increasingly we seem more to a computer, which only serves to store and process data in its memory. And this is what we call culture, which at the same time confuse him with intelligence; only by having memory capacity. Kant in his time, already withdrew all knowledge contributed by others, that knowledge is founded where the most solid foundations and by the rigidity of its structure, not allowing modifications that can break the soundness of the foundations of the more rigid structures of all that knowledge that is already given by known. This is the error of all knowledge that is only supported by the information.

Because only leaning is not delve into all that informative basis where the strength of the more rigid structures of knowledge has been formed, but dropping your weight on a surface that is believed sound and secure by the formation of a structure already solidified his knowledge. Today no one delves, only know support us in what is given us; without thinking that knowledge of things, as well as the life in the essence of its existence, has the deepest Vitalism in its constant Variant. Or is that the same status of solidified knowledge, arises the own heterogeneity of the vital knowledge. But so arises the own indeterminate heterogeneity of vital knowledge, not just support for dropping the weight on the surface where their petrifaction has formed, but delve into the particular homogeneity of solidified knowledge to invigorate, what its solidification can revive as lifetime knowledge. In other words, that vital knowledge that since it obtains, retains its force in constant variation within all and each one of us, until the end of our days. The Constitution has been perceived in the essence of its conception as a lifelong knowledge where the regularization of already solidified the democratic principles of the system of State jurisprudence bases should invigorate deepening in the petrification of its bases to revive and expand the meaning of the perception of Justice in the that democratic principles in defense of human rights support to estatificar in the solidification of its knowledge bases, a deep Vitalism in the recognition of the human being as individual and social human being; that in their integration, form and constitutes in the cohesion of the independence of certain freedoms in the rights of its statutes, the formation of the State unit in function which regulates the unification of society which intends to impose, severally coexist.