The English

Disadvantage – that the conversation is given less importance and man is not enough speaking practice. It frequently happens that as a result of such training people speaks the language in which carriers themselves, not only do not say, but hard to understand it. Intensives are often called something that goes from 3 times a week, but by and large it is not. Intensive is designed to teach students not only talk but also to think and feel in a foreign language. Own methods. This phrase is common in text ads.

That is only for professionals, it is not known. Professionals known methods – Schechter, , Ignatova, Miller and others. These methods are tested long experience and are described in numerous writings, to teach on them, it is necessary to do an internship with their authors. Techniques also called a manual for teachers, which are attached to those who sell us Linguaphone course (such as Headway, Streamline, Alexander and others). These same techniques most often reduced to the sum of pedagogical methods. Teachers: Our carriers or language? Good teachers, foreigners in Russia is, but many of them. Much greater among the 'carriers', ready to teach us their language – students, engineers, clerks: So the first thing find out whether the teacher in front of you? And if he is professional, knows whether even a little Russian? One conclusion: a good teacher of a foreign qualification – it is good, especially if the language you already own a bit.

Foreigner-professional, too good, but not as a teacher, but as a companion – for practice. Durations. The English are usually divided ownership of foreigners in English at 6 levels, or levels (French – 5, the Germans – 10). Level is determined by testing. You can navigate to it, while not forgetting that the competence to, say, a serious book to read, translate, may not have even one who completes 6-th stage. English levels are as follows: elementary (with absolute zero), the initial, below average, average, above average, advanced. Education at every level provides a certain number of training hours – 80 to 120. Prior to testing You can just about imagine how much you have to learn the language.