The Fence

This will help you to teach your child to fall asleep by himself; the sooner you learn this valuable skill, you can soon enjoy nights of uninterrupted sleep. Babies of six months are able to sleep all night flipping but depending on habits that have acquired before that age, could decide not to do so. From six to nine months many babies, even those who were taught to sleep at night, begin to wake up one or more times during the night. The growth of teeth can make feel annoying babies of this age and is also the age at which many babies experience anxiety separation. If your baby wakes up during the night and their cries are insistent, go with him and calm him down, but resist the temptation to stay with him until you fall asleep. If you stay with him on a regular basis until you fall asleep, lose their ability to stay asleep for itself do you remember those first few months without sleep? From nine to twelve months, your baby should be able to sleep well again but when you wake up can be sit or even stand on the fence of his crib and wants to play. Most parents realize that Yes, simply, they ignore their night game requests, he will soon get used to go back to sleep. Also it should be already accustomed to a routine of NAP twice a day, to help you regulate your sleep. Sometime since the first birthday of your baby and when that reaches eighteen months you are ready to have a single long NAP in the afternoon instead of two NAPs that had until then. The transition can be a little tricky since you will be accustomed to sleeping in the morning so it is hopefully a grumpy child at the end of the morning during the first week after the transition.