The Heart

They are they, and have its concepts and values, you you are. Each human being is different and sees the life with its exclusive evolution and agreement. The truths are singular. In the difficulties the people move. The people give what they can give. We are that we have different expectations in relation they and always want more. At this moment I am certain that you are if remembering and analyzing its life remembering again the moments they magoaram where you deeply, simply because its expectation was not what you desired and in some cases. To another person nor it was knowing what you felt or thought of the attitude of it, nor it imagines it hurt how much you.

We have that to analyze the other people’s attitudes and to police never to wait of the people what they do not obtain giving in them. After some lies and reflections that I carried through, I could perceive, believes: he was I myself wounded who me. They had never been the people. They, in the reality, had never promised nothing to me. I am that I waited they more than. I recognize that it was a terrible battle between my passed concepts, my blindness and the truth that if can find in each relation with the human being. Therefore, never we must consider a truth as perpetual.

It simply espelha a moment, a fraction of second. Later, everything tends if to modify because the energies if transform. The meaning of Evolution Many people do not understand the meaning of this word. to grow walking with the proper legs and learning for the way. It is not to grow reading. We will never be able to evolve without attitudes or love in the heart. You are not enough to know that a thing certain or is missed because they had taught to you thus, so that let us can effectively know to learn, we have that to have new knowledge and to apply it. Therefore, of today in ahead, it fits we to decide if we go or not disappointing in them with the people in the future. Each one only obtains to offer what it has! ) If you do not love yourself, as she can know to love somebody inside does not have referencial of love of you. b) If you find an imcompetent person and she does not obtain to make nothing certain in the life as she will go to teach somebody if to give value. c) If you do not know to hear because she demands as much that hears you to the people. Nobody of the attention to that he does not want to hear. d) If you will not have a referencial of comparison, as then it can take off conclusions regarding any thing that is if you beyond not knowing, not proving and nor feel interest in knowing (if Mexico with Egypt cannot compare, is different beauties, different, cultures different histories, etc.), that only compares what is equal. To see to believe. ) It thinks about everything that is in its, in our return and it will go to perceive that many truths are escancaradas to our front, but we insist on not seeing them simply because we do not obtain ' ' to decipher the truth for the exceeded concepts that we insist on adopting in ours vidas' '. Nor everything if can see. What one always feels surpasses what it is seen. The disillusionment is one of them!