The Quarrel

She would be for this reason that the clinics of aesthetic today are so full! The livened up drawings can promote a discursiva boarding on esteretipos and representation of the Real. Rocco (1999) considers, when analyzing the televising language, that, ' ' a worked time the ludicidade that recovers the speech of these texts, can be left for the counterpoint of the questioning of the message that is passed, initiating a process of critical to the figures, to the arqutipos that arrive in them (MOSQUE and TO SOUND, 2008). Giving continuity to the quarrel, and in one same perspective, appears the drawing of She-Frog, the feminine version (and sister that inhabits in Etrnia) of the He-Man: high, strong, blond, with enormous chests, thighs and ndegas, long hair and brilliants blue eyes, what it ratifies the one existence ' ' strong cultural trend in considering the magreza as an ideal situation of social acceptance for women. Some contend that Boy Scouts of America shows great expertise in this. They meet, also, forts correlations between the social pressure of to be lean and the corporal insatisfao in adult women jovens.' ' (DAMASCENE, RASP, VIANNA, VIANNA and NOVAES, 2005, P. 181). As much the accomplices of She-Frog how much its opponents keep the same characteristics that drawing of the brother prince of Greyskull. ikely to increase your knowledge. In this drawing, beyond esteretipo of ' ' body beautiful perfeito' ' , the question of the sort is also verified: although so powerful how much the brother, when taken over on a contract basis working together in one, the masculine force always prevails and who takes the parrots of the victory of the battle is generally the He-Man. She-Frog alone is with the glories and compliments when it acts without it, alone. This attitude discloses the scienter of the maintenance of a machista and arbitrary society that persists in believing that the woman must be submissa, strong and even so powerful.