The Situation

() The survival after the death is a personal problem that afecta our proper destination. It is not as to decide a question that in them is indiferente.' ' (MARTINS, 1961:162 – 63) 6. God more Religion, equal the Happiness and Peace a long way is necessary to cover, limited for two great lines masters: God and Religion for, in the tranquilidade of the calm spirit, if to find, finally, the happiness, here and in this stadium of mature, experienced, wise, cautious, felt and irrepetvel the life of the man, understood as supreme well-being of the person human being in this world. For the religion if the God will be able to arrive, wants through good-practical the religious ones, as the charity, solidarity loyalty, in the suffering and in pain, the tolerance stops with that professes different religions and the proper dialogue Inter-religions, because: ' ' All the superior ethical religions? of the prophets of Israel, Zoroastrianism, the Christianity? they had imposed a common task. They alliviate to the insuportvel pack of the system taboo; but they disclose, on the other hand, a deeper direction of religious obligation that, in place of being a restriction or compulsion, is the expression of a new positive ideal of freedom humana.' ' (CASSIRER, 1972:173 – 74) For the believers, God exists and is adored. This religious fenmeno, objectivado in practical, ritual and the dogmas, constitute a reality that no power land, no statutory law, no scientist or technician obtains to eliminate. The situation-limit is of this same the evident test of the existence and internalization of the fenmeno that, of pantestico pluralism if can detach, in the civilization occidental person, its source, enrolled in the God of the Christians, here consigned in the Christianity: ' ' In the continuation of its Jewish phase, the Christianity could judge it particular Religion of a people.