Tuning Salon

During Soviet times, interior tuning is usually reduced to a hanging wicker hell, braided steering, replacing the twist-off of the handle checkpoint on the glass with cars or roses inside, pushing in a gum cents a head glass, the label conversion girls on the dashboard, waving his hands in the back window, and the blankets on the seats themselves were cut out of old carpets – to the fact that later acquired the name of "collective farm tuning." And this was not special need – the car was rare, and most of its existence has commanded respect and envy. It is quite another now that the car is at all comers and demands for convenience and individuality of the car become decisive in its selection and use. Therefore, tuning in to some extent exposed to the majority of vehicles, ranging from tinted windows and alloy wheels set, ending significant changes in the body, chassis, engine and car. Interior tuning – it avtoatele specialization. Most often, car owners change their seats or the paneling adhesive qualities of their covers to your liking, and to give the salon respectability install leather seats. The widest choice of materials, colors, textures and expertise allow car owners to create avtoatele lounges to suit every taste and budget. Fans of speed Sets the gain polusportivnye seats with increased lateral support. Those motorists who spend a lot of time behind the wheel, set the anatomical seats with extra lateral support, with dorsal and roller with retractable patella.

Setting tuning salon – it's not the only service avtoatele. Tuning seats usually need to be updated and other parts of the cabin. Thus, in the fabric and color of new seats adhesive qualities door inserts and front panel. The style of the interior sewn steering wheel, gear knob and floor pens. The ceiling of the car pulls a cloth and stitch a contrasting thread, that completely changes the "Atomsferu." Under the interior color dye safety belts. As owner of the car zhelayuniyu enables simulation of airbags. Interior plastic parts and repainted in the color you want or imitate wood, carbon and chromium. Well, for those who like comfort can be installed armrests, ashtrays and additional monitors in the front seat headrest.

The rear seat is changed to a triple two comfortable. Heated today no surprise, but if it does not, and it will set you in avtoatele tuning. More rare order, but increasingly in demand, – it seats ventilation. So, if you are unhappy with the way your car looks like inside, or want more comfort, then contact the avtoatele.