Ukraine Party

I conducted a tour of the school, I wrote a test, and it fell into the appropriate level of my class. The class turned out to five students from different countries: Spain, Russia, China, Libya, and I'm from Ukraine. We all met and talked about himself, and the English who as he could. Immediately there was a very friendly atmosphere, and we began to 'bite the granite of science' At the first break I met with almost all Russian students in school, as all gather at his workplace, in our case, a Russian, a manager for interviews and planning trips and parties in the afternoon. We immediately became friends and planned a joint trips to the beach after schools, as well as campaign for a party hosted by the school for all newcomers. This party Wellcom party to explore and adapt quickly. After school, I was approached by two of my new friends said: 'In magazin going?'.

At this point we have become virtually inseparable. Later, it became clear that we even lived together. So I joined the school system in Malta. Are the lessons learned is hard to call. Rather, it is 3:00 relaxed pleasant communication in English to give additional knowledge about the language as well as on other students' countries, because the main practice – it's just a story about the customs of his country, family, the English language. Training takes place on two couples from 9.00 to 12.30, all the rest of the time – it most real vacation on the stunning island.