United States

Rinite Alrgica. Cancer of Lung. Chronic bronchitis. In recent months, Boy Scouts has been very successful. Tuberculosis. Pneumonia.

Coqueluche. Connect with other leaders such as PCRM here. Cooled. Sinusite. Impotence. Cancer of Trachea. At last an enormous relation of actual damages to the human organism, for the cigarette. Done analyses indicate cancerous substances that could lead to the death.

Good, the cigarette then is the villain of history. It measures other facts, as domestic disasters, where the live coal of the cigarette fell on one curtain and this caught fire and provoked an enormous fire that all burnt the residence. But if the cigarette makes in such a way badly thus, why the current government, does not speak of the last one therefore was a sworn tabagista and flat, it does not forbid to the use it cigarette in all domestic territory? (In Bolivia it cannot). If the cigarette cause as many deaths, why the government does not act of direct and prompt form, in the combat to the habit to smoke? A similar campaign to the one of Osvaldo Cross, in the combat to the Yellow Fever and the Smallpox. Or still. For which reason it does not promote a campaign against the habit to smoke, fellow creature to the combat campaign the Plio? Small galhofa. The idealizer to place in the cigarette mallets, those apelativas photos, was a tremendous ingenuous. When being obliged to propagate in all the cigarette mallets these photos, forgot the genius, who such already occurred in the United States and that the action, promoted an enormous collection of taxes for the government. That is, the government now more than what it will never be able to remove of cigarette wallets those images, therefore collect taxes on the image right, that the displayed person receives. But which the reason or which the reasons that the current government, does not forbid the cigarette in Brazil? For the simple fact that the government collects 80% of tax on the end item.