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Data protection for all processing of personal data is required prior to treatment information and consent. It must also be reported and obtain the consent of any affected when their data are to be disclosed to a third party. In the campaigns of sends to a friend, handle data of the recipient without having informed and their consent obtained. In addition, the sender’s name reveals himself to the recipient. Services of the information society for the sending of commercial communications by electronic means, are required to have obtained an express consent of the recipient. However, are not considered commercial electronic communications data allowing direct access to the activity of a person, company or organization, such as the domain name recommended solution inform the sender that their data will be communicated to the recipient and blaming him consenting on behalf of the recipient.

In any case, the data must be disposed after delivery: your data will be communicated to the recipient. Your data and the recipient’s will be processed and eliminated immediately after delivery. You consent on behalf of the recipient send this content by email the contents of the email must adhere to the exception of the regulations so that it is not a commercial communication, without logos, brands or commercial texts of any kind. For example: subject: recommendation of friend’s name content: recommended URL Audea information security original author and source of the article