Video Surveillance Via Internet

Monitoring technology for everyone. Secure your property. The monitoring of land, House or company plays an ever greater role in Germany. BSA has compatible beliefs. Rising crime figures and a higher security needs of citizens, property owners and owners of the company produce a boom in the security field, which is reflected in the sales of so-called security technology. Surveillance cameras, network cameras, and DVD recorder with motion detector are doing especially popular as easy to install. This technology is affordable and easy for laypeople to use. A surveillance camera is connected to the DVD recorder or PC, and using appropriate software can either live the surveillance videos or in hindsight be viewed on a standard monitor or television. Surveillance cameras with LED lighting, infrared or thermal imaging cameras are able to produce a good remedy perfect shots of the area to be monitored even in total darkness against thieves and burglars who imagine themselves at night in safety.

While waiting for the surveillance industry with new developments. Monitoring technology sound in Gotha / Thuringia, which operates also an own online shop under, completes its range with the NVRmini, a Linux-based network video recorder from the House of NUUO. The compact system, available as 4 -, 8 -, or 16-channel version, characterized by its high performance and security. It can up to 16 IP cameras manage that via camera auto detect”detected on push of a button. An intelligent search detects motion, foreign or missing objects and loss of focus and hiding the camera.

The system supports H. 264, M-JPEG, MPEG4, MxPEG video compression methods, as well as a maximum capture resolution of up to 8 megapixels. As storage drives are up to four SATA II used. These can be combined to a RAID 0, 1, 5, 5 + or 10 composite and are interchangeable in operation. NUUO sets a the NVRmini Web interface and a separate software for. Despite extensive functions, both are easy to use. Such combined hardware / software solutions facilitate video surveillance so owner Steffen Schall of surveillance technology sound, which is now not only regional but nationwide with the installation of monitoring equipment considerably. Video recorder such as the NVRmini are interesting for companies with a large number of surveillance cameras. Surveillance cameras, which can also be connected to a normal, commercially available PC range private end customers usually 2-4.Using video management software and DSL connection can monitoring videos over the Internet are retrieved and displayed on the phone’s display. Still, it is possible to leave after an automatic switching on one of the cameras (via motion detectors) send an SMS. Then, you can immediately notify a neighbor or the police. PTZ cameras as highlight cameras with PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) function have a Pan, tilt and zoom function, so that a larger area can be monitored. Also, moving objects can be tracked, down. This type of camera can juggle / joystick mostly to be swung 360 degrees. Dome Cameras – vandal-proof dome cameras are often in shops used, in public institutions or in parking lots. Equipped with shatter-proof glass, these camera types are vandal-proof and weather-proof. Wireless, Wi Fi-enabled network cameras are popular for private use, which have an internal power supply and can be operated wirelessly. The video signals are propagated to a Wi Fi router, which either sends the data to a PC or to a server over Internet. Encryption of the connection between the camera and router or WiFi network card is standard.