Walking In Venice: Venice Marathon Takes Place On October 23, Instead Of

The appointment with the Venice Marathon again this year: the event will take place in Venice on 23 October. In Venice, you can take a boat trip, walk on narrow and bridge, but also run! This is known to fans of the run every year participating in Marathon Venice in October also for the wonderful frame, where it takes place. The Venice Marathon, which every fourth Sunday October takes place, will be held on October 23, 2013, and the importance and popularity of this event is easy to understand if one thinks that the enrollments for this year due to the exhaustion of the available places are already closed. So, if you thought the Venice Marathon marathon runner to participate in, you need to move on next year, but if you want to attend the performance as a spectator, you still have time. This is a very interesting performance, and not only because it is always very exciting to witness a firm perceived sporting event, a sporting event, in the the marathon runners are on the Game set by you can count only on his lungs, legs and willpower, but also because this marathon does not take any frame instead of, but in a city which is regarded as one of the most beautiful in the world at one. The Venice Marathon 2011 takes place not only in the city of Venice: the capital of the Veneto region is in fact only the destination point of the race, which winds in the vicinity. And we can say that if Venice is breathtaking, the environments are perhaps not so nice like Venice, but sure atmosphere.

The start, for example, is next to Villa Pisani, a beautiful villa of the 18th century in strA. Before you arrive in Venice, one passes through many villages and towns of the Riviera del Brenta, in Mestre and Marghera, and finally, when the power starts to fail to reach the lagoon city: an incentive to not stop and the competition in the best possible way to finish. The marathon runners on the Zattere, run then up to Punta della Dogana, St. Mark’s square, in Venice Palazzo Ducale, Ponte della Paglia and reach Riva Sette Martiri, where the marathon is ready. The Venice Marathon is a sport event with winners and losers, it is a good opportunity to see a beautiful city in a different light, but he is also much more: the Venice Marathon is as very important, also because a part of solidarity has. In fact, the event is always connected to a charity initiative: the last run to end polio, is dedicated to the anti-polio vaccination campaign, but over the years, Venice has supported other noble initiatives of the battle against thirst provide prostheses for children, Marathon. A sporting event in a city of art, not far from Spa Hotels, which supports charity initiative: the Venice Marathon has the makings of one of the most interesting events of the autumn of the Veneto region, and not only this region!