Wall Plaster

Frescoes – unique, artistic creations, bearing magical atmosphere and incorruptible beauty of the art of Antiquity and the Renaissance. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Nieman Foundation. Writing style frescos selected, depending on the aesthetic tastes and wishes of the client, the destination of the room. The frescoes combine perfectly with the interiors, as in the classic style and modern style. They are perfectly suitable for processing interiors of shops, cafes, restaurants, and private interiors. Frescoes on the basis of elastic plaster.

Modern murals come in compact coils and mounted on a wall on the principle of sticking to conventional wallpaper. elastic plaster, further strengthening the reinforcing mesh. The finished mural, thanks to the flexibility of plaster coating and the reinforcing mesh can be easily mounted on any surface. Fresco is applied to the wall or ceiling, then grout the space around it with decorative plaster. After the end of fresco and plaster layer around it look like a single unit in the interior design, like the great master himself personally served in your bedroom or living room to please you with their art. Special conditions for the exploitation of frescoes there. They include specific components to ensure painting stability. No limitations in size.

You can order any desired size that matches your idea. Frescoes on a rigid foundation. There is another kind of murals – and Secco. Literally, this term can be translated as "Painted on the dry." These murals are executed on both light and sound footing, covered with a special pre-sanded plaster, and resemble the breakaway fragments of some famous ancient painting. Frescoes on the rigid base mounted using mounting adhesives or simply hang on the wall, as usual paintings. To create murals using only materials of natural origin: natural dyes substances, glues or plant-animal-based, linen canvases. Products of modern masters are not afraid of water and external thermal environment. That is why they are perfect for any room decor, including a high humidity, and can also be used to decorate your facades. Using murals opens new unique opportunities in the decoration of interior design for apartments, houses, offices.