Web Site Design

One of the questions asked by his budding Internet Entrepreneurs – 'Is it possible to create your own website without using web-masters and web-designer?'. The answer to this question can be found here. When using the website builder for create a website and online store you are not required special knowledge. When you create a personal or corporate website, you can quickly and easily select a design template and then fill the site with information as to text editor. After spending hours studying the demo version, you learn freely use site builder and use it to create sites of any complexity.

Website Builder – a special sequencer, which is also called content management system (content management system – CMS), and which greatly simplifies your work on a site. Website Builder consists of two parts – the administrative pages and Editor site. On the administrative page, a user edits a shared data – password, bind the domain name, see the statistics of usable space and can add files and images in the library of the site. In the editor, the site goes directly to work with the contents of this site – to add or change information on it. All work with the information by using colored icons that call the appropriate box editing. Entire site – a collection of pages, pages are edited and added red icons. Each page is divided into sections – information like the form of maps, work with chapters by by yellow icons. Each piece of information that make up a section called the recording and editing green icons.

With the help of these icons opens the editing window in which to enter information or necessary changes. After you change the information you need to press 'Save' or 'Apply' the changes to remain on the server. If you need Creating a site for the company or for other personal purposes, creation website for 50 -180 minutes, and subsequently its rapid modification at any time, increase sales of your products and services, unload support and improve customer service, Reduce the cost of advertising, find new customers and Partners in your city and beyond, the site builder for those tasks will suit you best. At the same from you do not need any special knowledge and special skills in web-programming and web-design. Using the site builder to create a website, you will save time and money.