Welp Playgroups – Sense Or Nonsense?

Welp playgroups – good or bad for the dog child? Socialization by Wallace play groups with domestic dogs the appearance of puppies manipulated us people that beady eyes, cotton-soft plush fur, stupid motion sequences and the protector–thereby aroused in us and maternal instinct Let’s unconsciously in the first weeks of this young life fatal errors. Cute jumping on and contact search of our dog child was initially funny, so the Bill of laundry will vote at the latest negative us, when the now adult dog has refined the coat of a passerby with his autumnal mud paws. Steffan Lehnhoff has compatible beliefs. We humans feel the task of dog child ” important and used, they can us from social isolation help and help us contact to like-minded people. (Some friendship or partnership is lead back to the dog). \”The essence of the supposedly fragile puppy\” must leave his canine family, alone in the big wide world, his strange, large bipeds moved in and it is only all too human, if we want to make him this phase of life as comfortable as possible.

Please keep in mind, this does not include excursions to Welp playgroups! In recent years we have seen a change in terms of useful dog training. Increased emphasis is placed on the obedience and the social behavior of dogs. Puppies of all breeds and sizes are in play groups\”burned and promoted through the line of supposedly competent dog trainer in unnatural behavior. Exactly, are puppy playtime pretty much nonsense, which humankind has ever invented. What do they teach a puppy from a puppy? Right nothing, at least nothing really positive. There, up to 10 puppies of different races, of different sizes and different ages in a Pulk are thrown and left to themselves. Each individual, to fend tries to defend, especially when he is being mugged by a pack of other conspecifics in the truest sense of the word of his skin.