Western Europe

This geographic space and Iraq are the preferred operating scenarios of related terrorism with Al-Qaeda. In these three countries the majority of the victims of terrorism belongs to local populations, but is also the place from where are conceived and organized attacks in the rest of the world, either by elements of Al Qaeda or its affiliated groups. The United States State Department issued its annual report on terrorism in 2008 in which leaves are evidence that Al Qaeda is strengthened in Pakistan, where bombings in relation to 2007, doubled while it loses ground in other parts. The first report that discloses the Obama administration even though much of the information has been collected by the previous Government also quotes most active terrorism, followed by Sudan, Syria and Cuba to Iran as the sponsoring country. It is important to note that thanks to the now deposed and criticized war against terrorism of George w. Bush’s policy, last year the terrorist attacks declined 20 percent and fatalities by 30 percent. The greatest threat to United States and the world remains Al Qaeda, he has rebuilt part of its operational capability prior to 11/S. precisely, Barack Obama spoke during his press on the occasion of his hundred days of Government Conference, the possibility that Al Qaeda taking over nuclear weapons from Pakistan.

I am confident that we can ensure that this arsenal is safe, he added. However, he said, referring to the weakness of the current Government in Islamabad: we want to respect their sovereignty, but we also admit that we have strategic interests that require us to ensure that stability reigns. By what refers to the situation in Iraq, terrorism has lost strength. About Afghanistan recognizes Taliban have received more money from drug trafficking and from sources in the Persian Gulf, which would have raised its ability to fight. To Iran accused it of providing weapons and training to Hezbollah and Hamas. The report claims that Spain was an important base logistics and transit to terrorist organizations operating in Western Europe throughout 2008. In the case of Cuba, he said that the Castro regime gave shelter to members of terrorist organizations like ETA. And he also points out to the Caribbean country to publicly defend the Colombian guerrillas. The report accuses Venezuela of ideological sympathy with the FARC and of being a step potentially attractive to terrorists.