Which Treatments There Are For Getting Pregnant

When a couple has sought a pregnancy for more than one year without success, the couple may have a problem with infertility. What they should do is to consult a medical specialist, who will order them both studies to detect the causes of infertility. There is usually more than one cause, many times there are several factors that make that pregnancy does not appear altogether. Within these studies will be surely dosages of hormones in blood level, ultrasound of the reproductive system, and semen analysis studies. Even if these results go well, there is more analysis to perform, as for example the study of uterus and fallopian tubes using laparoscopy, and post coital analysis studying the survival of sperm into the uterine environment. Before you start any treatment to get pregnant, it is essential to have a good diagnosis, why so many analysis should be carried. If it is not known exactly what the problem is, will hardly be achieved resolve it.

Once you have established the causes of infertility, which may be alterations of ovulation, PCOS, endometriosis, blockage in the fallopian tubes, alterations in sperm, the specialist may offer them treatment to become pregnant. The most used are:-hormone treatments to improve ovulation. They can be pills or injectables that stimulate ovulation. -Assisted insemination. This treatment to get pregnant, stimulates ovulation by injectables or pills. It is controlled by ultrasound is the best time to perform the insemination. When it is appropriate to gets sperm from your partner, is prepared properly and is placed inside the uterus, using a special device. -In vitro fertilization.

In this case egg and sperm are extracted, and fertilization takes place in the laboratory. When the embryos reach a certain stage of development, are implanted in the uterus. If you want to get pregnant naturally fully within 60 days, no matter your age, click Here. Original author and source of the article.