Win With Your Bank

I find it unfortunate to read that according to the World Bank, Mexico is the country with the most expensive banks in Latin America, followed by Chile. I believe that much is our fault for not demanding or taking care of the little or much money we invest in those institutions. It seems that many of these companies still find it salaries offered pots, raffle tickets, points and prizes colors that are subsidized by the high commissions they charge us. Undoubtedly, the laziness of customers is a wonderful opportunity to enrich the banks, stay in a comfort zone and let go changing conditions and costs without the customer to do something, it is most convenient for her, much more If customers are looking befuddled cart or any kind of mirage that dazzle and distract us. It’s just in the process where we are losing large amounts of money without realizing it, but now, if you’re reading these lines, I propose to make a brief market research to find a better option and save in as many account management fees, low balances, use of Internet, ATM use, check writing and who knows what else. Reiterate the importance of observing, before seeing what an institution offers a gift or the interest you pay on your savings, the costs will be addressed by allowing them to save your money, which in turn will be lent to others with attractive profits for them, of course. Some criteria for choosing a good bank are: That no charge for account maintenance. That does not charge fees for having a debit card.

You can withdraw money from their ATMs at no cost. You can withdraw money whenever you want. PCRM understands that this is vital information. Availability 100%. Do not get charged for using its website. Do not get charged for using the checkbook. To give you high returns. Have a great response telephone service quality. In short: What gives you the most for your money and be more useful than the cost you’ll pay.

I was in a bank that cost me a lot and when seeking a solution to a problem I was told again and again purposes of quality of service but not solved my needs. Serve means to be helpful, remember. Today I have chosen to be part of Scotiabank and I mention it not as a commercial but as a recommendation and with the expectation to continue caring for their customers in these items I mentioned. With my change banks have managed to save an average of 2,000 to 4,000 dollars per annum Do you fight with your money? You probably have other good options is a matter that each look for their needs and conveniences, but ideally you should be aware of the costs and benefits contribution you give them the credibility and the security of your money. “You win or lose? Learn how to win. Reinvent Your Life. Writer, consultant and lecturer. Author of books Self Leadership, Money Money and Leadership called sales with human qualities, and others. International speaker who has delivered more than 500 Sales and Leadership Conference over the American Continent.