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Monthly Archives: March 2012


Blondes Jokes

Blonde jokes are often a party in which it appears a man with an extremely limited range of interests and a low level of intellectual development. However, she usually has a lot of money and enjoys attention from men. It is believed that the first jokes about blondes penetrated into the Russian language from the European. However, it is connected with the possibility of lifting uneducated women on the social ladder through the inheritance or gettingread more…


Tabernanthe Iboga

Shrub Tabernanthe Iboga included in the religious revival movement africana tribes – Bwito whose beginning can be attributed to the end of the last century. The full force of this movement included somewhere in the First World War (Fernandez, 1972). Religion Bwito rife in Gabon, Cameroon, Congo and Zaire. The cult is secret due to active persecution by the Catholic mission. According to the religion Bwito psychoactive plant iboga was found in the Pygmies depth ofread more…


Infantry Fighting Vehicle

The task of designing military vehicles needed to change the localization of soldiers to the battlefield, and inter alia providing assistance personnel, seemed too easy. Walking army is still followed the assault with heavy armored units under their own power or, perhaps, in trucks and armored cars were, as always, the same bronetankami – only the wheel. The jump was made in the completion of the 30's – early 40's., With the release of an absolutelyread more…



Treasures in Russia recently found not only archaeologists but also ordinary people (like us). This became possible after the appearance in Russia of metal detectors. Earlier, with Peter I treasure occupied many. They simply destroyed (unearthed) Scythian burial mounds, and found jewelry melted down into ingots. In the Hermitage, you can still see a collection of ornaments from Scythian burial mounds. This is not much left after this barbaric search hoards of the time. Neither ofread more…