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Monthly Archives: May 2012


Foundation Victor Civita

RESULTS/QUARREL: Analyzing the answers of the applied questionnaire, we must focar the orientation in special in the series of basic education, where bigger cases of bullying and with a great number of pupils had been detected who did not know that they suffered and/or they committed bullying. With the activities carried through after the lecture and the exploration of the subject, we can observe that bullying had fall of pupils committing, in consequence, also diminishes theread more…


Best Foundation

The best foundation for the soul is to think that all is possible to us of the hand of the Gentleman This morning while top with one of those lessons directed to me to visit a community in a rural district of the town of Guayama me that the life usually gives us by surprise. It traveled there by a narrow highway and, in the track of the right an electrical wheelchair with passenger on more…



SUPERIOR EDUCATION IN BRAZIL To understand Superior Ensino in Brazil is to subject it a series of interpretations of philosophical matrix and politician, therefore we will try to show to our point of view giving emphasis to the information of practical and construtivista character. Superior Ensino in the South America almost has a history of 300 years since the creation of the Universities oldest inside of the Latin countries that had on account occurred of theread more…