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Monthly Archives: January 2014


The Way

To achieve the target path should see the class as part of a system that is composed of subject, course and the rest of other subjects, and only when class is properly linked with the anterior and the posterior of the same subject and which are developed in other subjects, you can hope to contribute effectively to the development of the traineescontributing to the development of skills and habits, consolidate and enrich knowledge acquired previously, supportingread more…


Robert Kahn

Those who want to delete this approach of mere reformism reduce it to an idea that remains in eliminating extreme poverty, but when the basic income is included in a model economic is a revolutionary measure because it manages to unify this measure with the historical process of our economic model, or allows the overcoming of a reality that is transformed. Alternative La theory classical theory that emerges with Adam Smith, when he created the economicread more…


France Nuclear

For the stablishment the future is tied to these destructive plans that are coming in an advance accelerated to corrupt the majority of youth ruining the wealth, the Treasury and the hope of humanity. According to the strategy you should kill mentally and spiritually three generations and we have already spent two and half of these. THE ROMAN LAW ALLOW? RETURN to LAS FUENTES II ParteDice the romanist Juan Iglesias if Rome’s history is the historyread more…


Intellectualization Introjection

The various ways in which this symbolic distortion occurs are known as defense mechanisms. Distress plays an essential role in the production of the defence, in Freudian theory. She is an alert signal to the I, which is the intrapsychic instance which produces the various mechanisms of defence and adaptation. The mechanism of primary defense, key to all others, is repression. It is the strategy of moving the contents of consciousness to another level extra-discursivo (Princeread more…


The Community

Bush and now President B. Obama plans had to be Trillonarios, which implies that the curve will continue to rapidly tending to be vertical and therefore we understand better than us We are approaching a large point of RUPTURE. Now, we do? Understand the miracle of Worgl requires breaking many mental paradigms, since we do not know another way of money, do not have a reference with that compare, just as it did when the telephoneread more…


Colombian Investment

This agreement is one of the so you think Colombia concluded with other countries, which are of three types: (BIT) already mentioned investment protection agreements, agreements against double taxation (ADT) and the treaties of free trade (agreement FTA). So far, Colombia is one of the Latin American countries with less BIT and ADT, below Bolivia and Paraguay, and far from Argentina, Mexico and Brazil with three BIT. Three other BIT are pending review by the Constitutionalread more…