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Monthly Archives: August 2015


Ecological Fashion

It is alone to open the magazines: of economy the fashion; of notice fofoca. The subject of the moment is the half-environment, global heating, deforestation, recycling, accumulation of garbage, earthquakes, tidal waves and more catastrophes Ufa! you? Already it thought about what to make to leave a better future for its children, beyond the simple attitudes as to separate of the garbage in its colored containers, not to delay themselves in the bath, to erase theread more…


Savings Bank

This woman, too, remembers the war. She was then skinny little girl, just under no eighteen, when she and her classmates from morning till night had to work at state farm fields. After the war, in the 1948th, Galina found a job at the chemical plant, where it spent almost all his life. The fact that Galina became a member of the festive campaign, the staff of the bank notified her by mail by sending anread more…



This is just one example. Returning to the margins, a basic premise is that the margin will be large for lower-priced wines and less room for expensive wines. There are inexpensive wines available and very good. The key is knowing how to find them, nor is somewhat complicated. e) Type. There are many types of wine that can enrich the letter but above all we must be clear about the type of consumption that makes more…


Britney Spears Campaign

Advertising and sport are closely related. To begin advertising needs of market research about what the public wants to launch a campaign wise. Currently there are millions of passionate fans of the sport and this is where advertising goes. recently and increasingly, the big brands use the medium figures to make a hook and increase sales, there are many examples such as the campaign for Pepsi with Britney Spears, Pink, etc.. But what we’re talking aboutread more…


Dominican Republic

A local group of Sosua in the Dominican Republic has launched a relief operation for the victims in Haiti in life repeatedly log the messages that help in Haiti is slow or not fast enough arrives. A local group, consisting of met from private individuals and company representatives from the environment of Sosua in the Dominican Republic, including the Director of and employees of real estate magazine, on Friday, to call for a relief operationread more…


HelpCard Ratingen Card

The Ratinger payment service provider easycash is distributor for the HelpCard, the first charitable gift card of in Germany. Together with Bonner HelpGroup GmbH, the payments specialist opens up for entertain new donation sources for over 700 nonprofit charities, projects in 130 countries. The donation card can be purchased in various denominations in the trade and then used over the Internet. The aid projects to favour are individually selectable on the donation Portal The HelpCardread more…



That ‘Help is strong’ WoodKing supports charity event of the initiative that makes this year for the first time helping charity event of the initiative strongly supports WoodKing. The initiative, which was launched by Andreas Marquardt in the life, wants to draw attention to abuse and ill-treatment of children, even by their own parents. She wants education AIDS and support assistance for affected children. Andreas Marquardt, once even abused and mistreated, for several years with hisread more…


PIT Management

With a generous donation to several charitable organisations of different orientation Udor textile management ended the year 2010. Landshut, December 07, 2010: With a generous donation to several charitable organisations of different orientation Udor textile management ended the year 2010. The Landshut textile service company is trying in this way to reach as many people with different needs, and to offer help and support. Long existing cooperation with relief agencies are equally promoted as new projectsread more…