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Monthly Archives: January 2016


Physicians Recognition

– You have to motivate, inform and educate the public on voluntary donations, generous, supportive, free donation to offset the increasing COMPENSATED (one that charges you by a court) and even more Professional Grant (one that gets bodies at the expense of your life), you have to undertake a national campaign and should be driven by the President of the Republic, as Fox did for years in Mexico and Gonzales in Spain. 2.-must be given betterread more…


Obesity Society

Obesity is a disease that feeds on several factors and introduce the person in a vicious circle that can not escape easily. In addition to genetic and metabolic factors, we also add characteristics of the person, lifestyles and behaviors learned in the family. We also add characteristics of the person, lifestyles and behaviors learned in the family. But society is reflected in a contradictory message. On the one hand, it promotes a sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy liferead more…


Environmental Health

Our River Rbia Er has a significant flow of 117mo per second, which explains the fact that no fewer than eight dams have been built along its 575 km. A fantastic fall near the source is about 13 kilometers downstream from the bridge Tanifnit, or about 32 miles if you choose to reach Khenifra. Also in the High Atlas, Ahanssel River is a great place for rafting for the whole family. Its clear water fast, comingread more…


Communist Party

1958, November 1914: Resignation Larrazabal (to meet his campaign) and took the Chair Edgar Sanabria. 1958, November 1928: Elections won by Romulo Betancourt. 1959, February 13: Assumption of Romulo Betancourt as President of the Republic, forming the government with AD, URD, COPEI and independent, according to the spirit of the Pact of Punto Fijo, leaving out the Communist Party, as stated above. The great scam: national disappointment and chaos 1960, August: Venezuela's foreign minister refuses toread more…