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Monthly Archives: November 2017



Chamomile – is a symbol of a sweet simplicity and affection, symbol of fidelity and a symbol of Russian nature. A bouquet of flowers from daisies, so similar to the field, will be a wonderful gift for any occasion. Tulips Symbol spring and eternal youth. According to the flower etiquette – one of the most refined and at the same time, generic gifts. Tulips can give both women and men of any age and social more…


First Habit

"The biggest and most important victory is to conquer self." a "Plato As promised in" "I'm bringing the first of the seven habits to achieve a successful effect on our lives, be proactive. It is the first not by chance, but because nothing is possible until we take the reins of our lives, and this habit will help us in this. "I am the force, I am the captain of my life. I choose my attituderead more…


Hope Of A Healthful Life

To serve Serves the bread, the baker, As bee serves the honey. It serves the perfume, the rose, As the sun serves the light. The incandescent brazier serves the heat. It serves to the life, the zealous father and the mother. They serve hope of a healthful life, Without fear of tomorrow and of the serious work. It serves the adobe, to the potter and the Joo. That its serve art to the eyes. The patienceread more…


Tip For Hearing-impaired Children From The Region Of Bremen:

Non-profit child listening Centre Bremen is now called child listening Center said the child listening Centre Bremen gGmbH in Leher Heerstrasse 23 in Bremen is now child listening Center said. In the exemplary regional institution, which opened in the spring of 2012, hearing impaired children and their families receive a holistic care and support through a team of experienced and highly qualified Padakustikern (hearing care professional for children). As we found out on demand, the newread more…


Lepsien Art Foundation

“We will continue this trend and thus further internationalize the organization. Thus, more talented artists from all over the world get the chance on sustainable development. In addition benefit from the artists who take part in the programme, intercultural exchange and positive in your work and the development of international networking.” The high proportion of graduates and master students of the Art Academy in Dusseldorf according to Christian Lepsien is clearly a testimony of the closeread more…



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