Academy Company

"In fact, even very large companies are struggling to make ends meet. I myself at this could not believe "in fact need to raise the prestige of Russian business. We ourselves need to change in relation to business. The Berlin Wall collapsed not due to regulation or diversion, it collapsed because that she was a symbol of the Cold War. People hated the war, and when the pressure on the communist country began to weaken, it smashed into a natural meeting, and then later dismantled. Socialism collapsed because it stopped believing. Belief in yourself and hope for the future, planning for the future, his anticipation, always have a huge effect. Your dream or your do not agree with something in the family, company, country or society – it's really great creative force.

All of your company once appeared in your dreams, in your worldview. And, perhaps, some pleasant evening with friends you realize that without this dream life would be boring. And, probably, at this point you experienced the enthusiasm toward this dream. This is art. This moment is the highest of the human condition. Human-dreamer and man-creator. And whether you like it or not, this is the main capital of Russia.

After all, dreamers and creators, we have more of everything. Take the global statistics. Where the highest entrepreneurial activity? This is not China. Europe is not for nothing is seriously concerned about our entrepreneurial lift. They then realize that this strategic resource. And no, this is a resource must protect our government. Here you have a national idea: "The road to small business!" Small Business foundation of Russia! Problems of small business – it is a problem of survival of Russia. The state will certainly help to small businesses. But it helps only those who swims. We need to change the statistics, which says that 95% of all newly established enterprises do not survive a year. It's actually a sentence. This sentence should be cancel. In a crisis, it's time to dream. Need to take a breath, exhale and look around. What's wrong, what can be done better? Recently, during a conversation with my friends, I was struck by one thing: What is it about first love, that person intentionally or involuntarily returned to her all my life It's like something magical, and unrealistically high. This is what feeds the power of life. So I was surprised to realize that this energy – the rapture. You're just a much admired object of his love. First love is usually not successful, but it does not matter. It is important to this feeling of admiration. Is not this admiration was a kid, when we think about the gifts and Grandfather Frost? When we make a wish – and it suddenly comes true. Then we dream of business … and dream again, and again wake up, and …. dream come true. Now you are a businessman! Now a new challenge – to stay in the saddle! Prodiagnostiruyte your business … to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Such techniques exist. Set yourself new goals. Make your company is able to achieve these goals. And be sure to learn when you learn, you create this environment around you. Your employees will also imitate you. Create in my company Academy of Business. It will help you form the backbone on which you can rely. Revive prosperous Russia! I wish you success and prosperity in your endeavors!