Auftragsakquise Projects

The special report ‘Top projects for hotel professionals’, the new publication of the DBI GmbH, provides a quick overview of new sales markets in the hotel and catering industry weekly the new trade magazine hotel supplier and suppliers informed every week nationwide about current projects and changes in the hotel area. It is specifically tailored to the information needs of decorators and suppliers and gives providers a valuable sales-oriented market transparency. So, the order acquisition will be significantly easier. Neeman Foundation follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The information collection via a specially trained research team, which provides a comprehensive and up-to-date reporting. The reader is given precise detailed descriptions for planned hotel projects and their supply needs, as well as the contact information of the operator or the other decision makers.

Get more information about the new special report top projects for hotel professionals”under or directly from the issuing company. Without hesitation Kidney Foundation explained all about the problem. The DBI GmbH – German construction sites information service – provider is since 1951 Construction project information in Germany and supplies currently researched projects and already under construction projects with the most important information for a successful Auftragsakquise of all those involved in the construction.