Best Foundation

The best foundation for the soul is to think that all is possible to us of the hand of the Gentleman This morning while top with one of those lessons directed to me to visit a community in a rural district of the town of Guayama me that the life usually gives us by surprise. It traveled there by a narrow highway and, in the track of the right an electrical wheelchair with passenger on board. Quickly I reduced the speed to happen to him through the side with much precaution. A young one as of about 4 feet of stature and with some condition of muscular dystrophy it handled. -! That value! I said myself. And it is that loved, sometimes we complained about simple trivialities, we become slaves of any whim of the ego while others pass through seas and the oceans to reach what probably it has occurred us in silver tray. I asked whichever work must have passed that one woman young to arrive there until How one would bathe and dress? How it would reach to put the shoes? How, like and like? Anger, value, faith and insurance; God Only God can to bring about in a human being such push and desire to live. How many young it has in our society that having everything their lives in drugs waste? How many of us we let ourselves seduce capriciously by a depression before the first attack that gives the life us? And there, almost in means of the highway its wheelchair was that one tiny mujercita of four feet handling, challenging and with deep faith doing against all limitations, to the traffic and the destiny Mat 7:24 – 25 24 Anyone, then, that hears these words to me, and does, I will compare a prudent man to him, who built his house on the rock. 25 Descendi rain, and came rivers, and blew winds, and struck against that one house; and it did not fall, because it was founded on the rock.