Any investor must be to as much on the conditions of the market. The market dictates when there is to sell or when there is to buy. 7. Suspension a square of ” Cashflow 101″ it removes to the player of the game by 2 rounds. It is important that our children learn about the concept of the suspension so that they are questioned that so surely he is really to aspire to live month to month on a pay that is not guaranteed. 8. Charity ” Cashflow 101″ it promotes the generosity. The generous player can play with 2 dices and thus to increase his income.

It is important that our children learn that the money is a tool to make the good and to not only satisfy our needs. Of this one form the Biblical law of giving and receiving works to favor our. The generous person always is going to prosper, whereas the avaricious ones are back and they lose. 9. Concept of ROI All investment generates gains more or less. , While generally safer the investment, less gains.

The ROI, or return on the investment, indicates the percentage of gains that is received in each investment. My children quickly learned that some investments are better than others and how to recognize them. 10. To understand a financial statement the central point of ” Cashflow 101″ it is not the plank of the game, but the statement of account that each player must take during the game. It is a basic exercise of accounting that teaches to dominate the countable abilities that help us to evaluate our financial situation constantly. 11. Concept of Cashflow or flow of money By means of the personal statement of account that each player must take during the game, is learned that the money flows and that it is very important to know towards where it is flowing: towards our pocket or from our pocket. 12. Several levels of investment exist Once a person has managed to pay to all expenses with income liabilities, happens to ” leagues grandes” of investors. ” Cashflow 101″ standard that are different levels from investment and that it is possible to be inhaled at levels majors, of greater yield, as one is dominating the simplest levels. 13. It is possible to multiply the money, although it is little the game ends the myth of which there is to have money to make more money. People with very little money can leave ahead and gain the game. 14. She does not concern what is the level of its entrance, all can leave the race At the beginning of the game each player receives a profession that can be from a manager to a doctor or lawyer. The interesting thing is that, while more stops them entrance, higher also are the expenses, which makes difficult leaving the race of the rats with income liabilities. 15. It discovers that type of person is Each person has a way to think and a different attitude in front of the money. The game demonstrates the true personality of each person. They are the timid ones, the better ones, the perfectionists, the farsantes that know everything to it, the dangerous ones, the titubeantes, etc ” Cashflow 101″ it unmasks ours fear and mistaken attitudes and help to analyze and to change our way us to think in front of the money.