Brazil Artists

The indifference with the Brazilian Artist Is lamentable that until the pureness of the art it is reached in our parents for the bourgeoisie, and for the supremacy of who orders more, and of who it has more. If to stop to think and to use the logical mathematics, has thousand of artists in our country, and many if forming to each day, and now I ask Where they are all? We can count in the fingers the numbers of artists who we know, however are countless the amount of artists bakers, store clerks, attendants, drivers, and many other diverse professions parallel bars its art, therefore they do not obtain to remain itself with its profession, and many do not arrive nor to act in the area, where are the thousands of actors, actresses, artists plastic, musicians, and so on? Until when we will go to be condizente with so great indifference with the art and culture and artists of our country? We will only be respected if our face will be printed in some canal of TV? More as we will have our displayed faces if we hear of the selecting that we are not the profile of the sender? Until when we will have the doors of the closed theaters in our face if we will not have a good grana to open the legs of the theater to place our workmanships? Until when we will have our thoughts restrained arts while we wait a sponsorship that never comes dwarf to be that let us be with our face in the TV that closed the doors for not being the profile of it? Until when our art and culture it will be raped and play is why is not part of the mass, part of the supremacy, part of the bourgeoisie? Our respeitos are not respected, our writings are not recognized, our efforts are not rewarded, our life are ignored. The artist in Brazil and as a gladiador in an enclosure for bullfighting, and almost always this gladiador is devorado by fera that she entered there, fera this that if calls the hierarchic minority that even though commands the free expression of an artist. Where it is our right of expression where it does not have space for the free expression of the art, where the money is who says high more, is who opens the doors. More it is not enough to have money, still it lacks the contacts to it, contacts these that work the price of exchange currency, is takes there, of here. You have the right to go and you came in the world of the art and culture of you will be relative of friend gives known gives and if to depend on as much you give, perhaps the death arrives before the consecration and who knows in the sky or in the hell it will not have as much unfair competition and the expression of the art is really free and favorable to all.