Camping Holiday

What makes the fun of camping holiday the crickets are chirping. In the evening it is cooked comfortably outside the tent, while the sun slowly sinks into the sea. After a night in the middle of the nature, the camping friend is awakened by the chirping of the birds. The holiday with the tent promises pure feeling for nature. As the Internet portal on reports mainly German campsites recorded an increase in the number of accommodation in this season. In particular, camping holidays on the Baltic Sea coast is one of the most popular tourist destination. According to the Federal Statistical Office, the campsite nights could rise so far compared to the previous year by a third.

It must be so not always the last minute or package holidays in Spain, Italy or Greece. Although it meant the weather this summer so far not very good with the camping friends, far more vacationers decided already in the first four months of this year, with the tent on travel to go than in previous years. One of the reasons may also be that of the month of April holiday with summerlike weather spoiled. In particular the East German Federal States benefit with an increase of 57 per cent of the new joy on a camping holiday. In addition to Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, including the free State of Saxony was able to achieve gains of more than 70 percent.