City Council

Until now, the deterioration that suffers the maritime facade of Porto do are due to the Organization of weddings in it – without much searching, jump to view the washouts on the road or sidewalk shattered – only had provoked a war. Too many dresses of bride on their foundations. A dialectical scuffle between the Executive, claiming to be remodel this area and Portos, which actually just spoke and acted much less. However, things start to go higher. On Sunday, and according to what told the Town Council, a neighbor burst a car wheel, spoiled rims and even the address to get into one of those bumps that send in the port area. The man, logically, directed his steps towards the offices of the Local police. Put a complaint to try to claim the damages to the City Council.

There is nothing. The Councillor of works and Government spokesman, anxela Franco, who said yesterday that this person have all the reason do mundo immediately reacted. Happened to Portos ballot: is na sua area e, both polo, eles are you that tenen facerse charge desta claim, or non Concello quen keep that environment of totally inhumane way, insisted. Total: that paper with the claim he traveled towards Portos de Galicia. And not only that. Seeing that this complaint may not be the only, because the sidewalks are in a dire state and fall is well easy, what was done was, at least, try to cover the most scandalous washouts. Houbo Act because to claim that us non veu nothing compared co that peut etre. What happens is alguena breaks to head?