Communitarian Agents

The Micobacterium Leprae is an obligator intracellular parasite that inhabits in fagolisossomas of the macrophages and the vacolos of the endoteliais cells and the cells of Schwann of the peripheral nerves, pathology is classified as a mycobacterium that contains cidomiclico, arabinogalactan and phenolic glicolipidio in cellular wall (GOLDMAN; AUSIELLO, 2005). The clinical Forms of the illness are: Indetermined Hansenase (HI), that manifest for you stain hipocrmicas, acrmicas, eritematosas or eritmato-hipocrmicas, of inexact limits, with alterations of sensitivity; Tuberculide (HT), this drift of the slow or fast transformation of the indeterminate type. Hansenase Virchowiana (HV), that it can initiate under the knotted form of eritema and diffuse infiltration; Diforma (bordeline HD), this engloba the cases that if find between the polar regions tuberculide and virchowiano, with characteristics of both and originate from the indeterminate group and can be chronic or reacionais (SON, 2000). The related study it is of Bibliographical origin, that it aims at to strengthen the knowledge of the Communitarian Agents of Health (ACSs), operating in the Municipal Center of Health I Florentine Augustus de situated Souza in the city of Is Desidrio-Ba on the Hansenase. The main objective is To improve the knowledge of the Communitarian Agents of Health concerning the Hansenase. the specific ones: To observe the amounts of cases detected in the community worked in the year of 2010.

To approach next to the Communitarian Agents of Health the forms of prevention, treatment, signals and symptoms and to analyze the training forms which are submitted. DEVELOPMENT The Hansenase was discovered in 1873 for the scientist Gerharh Armauer Hansens, arrived at the time at Brazil of the discovery, was spread and remains until the present, leaving Brazil in 4 place in numbers of sick people. Old he was called Leprosy, that came from the Leprs Greek, what it expressed immorality, sin and trespasses; of this form they had constituted as ' ' syndrome religiosa' '.