Control Interface System

The human-computer interface of the ball mill can also be called the user interface and it is the door of the interactive application software system. When designing the user interface of the ball mill, many factors should be taken into consideration such as human, the style of the interface, the available software and hardware technology as well as the influences produced by the application itself. The designing of the human-computer interface should follow some principle: try to reduce the work of the users as much as possible. When completing some tasks with the human-computer system of the ball mill composed by the human-computer machine, the computer should be made to be more active and initiative, to do more work, and people should only do little work so that the task can be finished. In addition, try to reduce the learning and remembering amount of the users and use the interface that is familiar to the users to display the style window, for example, use the same style information display and dialog box interface and try to keep the consistency of the data input and output interface.

Show the presentation information of mistakes and disposal and timely provide help functions. During the operation process of the program, mistakes may be made due to the mistakes of the users or the limits of the self functions of the program. At this time, the interface of the ball mill should be able to show the information process the mistakes and mistakes timely. And what is more, providing help functions will enable the users to conveniently find out the ball mill information they need and learn the use of the software system.hammer crusher: vibrating screen: Finally, pay attention to the production of the fatigue. The designers should try to minimize the fatigue and use straight widget and pictures to display the operation of the program. The colors adopted by the mapping should be relatively soft and bright which will be able to lessen the visual fatigue. The system should have fault tolerance in order to prevent mistaken operation from damaging the system. The interface of the ball mill is able to display the information of the system and put forward solution, which mistake are pretty practical measures. So if the designers want to make the human-computer interface of the ball mill more conform to the use of the users, they It should design it strictly according to the standards so that the interface will be able to be well received by the customers and the customers can gain more economic benefits.