Corel Draw Windows

Corel’s future graphics and digital media products use the possibilities of the new Windows touch features which gave Corel Corporation today known, that she works closely with Microsoft Corporation to make its main products for Windows 7 available. The next generation of their creative products is currently in development, which will offer a completely new, more practical experience to users using the Windows 7 touch technology. The unprecedented stability and performance of Windows 7 and new features such as the touch functions, jump lists and libraries development teams by Corel is completely new opportunities and promise a pleasant and expressivere computing users. “Corel has long been a pioneering role in the development of software products for the latest Windows platform. Microsoft will redefine what users see computer usage, with the introduction of its latest operating system Windows 7.

We are the solid performance and the high-performance Windows 7 touch features use to make the typical user experience with mouse clicks and menu on the head and the user interaction with creative software products to change “, as Joe Roberts, Executive Vice President, products at Corel.”Corel’s graphics and digital media products are ideal to take advantage of the new practical features of Microsoft’s newest platform. Always the user should be at the heart of the creative process. Windows 7 will allow us to eliminate traditional software menu and a new environment to provide, which are a more natural and closer interaction between the users and its contents – allowing this now photos, videos or digital painting -.” Microsoft has recently unveiled the Windows 7 release candidate. In preparation for the launch of the new operating system later in the year, Corel cooperates closely with Microsoft. “We are pleased that Corel is committed, to bring a range of software products for Windows 7 in the market,” said Mike Nash, Corporate Vice President, Windows product management at Microsoft Corporation. “Corel’s use of the technologies of Windows 7, such as the jump lists, features and libraries, is a great example of what kinds of innovations Microsoft’s upcoming version of Windows allows.” Corel Draw products: Paint Shop Pro Photo XI from 19.95 EUR