Dominican Republic

A local group of Sosua in the Dominican Republic has launched a relief operation for the victims in Haiti in life repeatedly log the messages that help in Haiti is slow or not fast enough arrives. A local group, consisting of met from private individuals and company representatives from the environment of Sosua in the Dominican Republic, including the Director of and employees of real estate magazine, on Friday, to call for a relief operation for the affected regions in Haiti in life. The Working Group in the local offices of food, clothing, bedding, water, and medical supplies collected in cooperation with the local civil protection agency of Sosua. Several doctors have joined the group, to provide medical care on the spot. In addition, 250 filters for drinking water have been donated.

The filter can provide drinking water for 10,000 people. The group is on the southeastern border to the capital of Haiti, Port au Prince, infiltrated. Dagmar Rogers of ReYCa explains: the Action is a success. Anyone who could spare something, donated, regardless of whether relief supplies or money. The financial donations amount to $15,000 so far.\” Two personal contacts bring a little closer to Haiti the tragedy within the working group.

One of the volunteers comes from the Katatrophengebiet, but has lived for years in the Dominican Republic. Her family in Haiti escaped death narrowly. The House collapsed in the Quake and was completely destroyed. After three days of desperate search, she found out who has survived by their family members. They are all unharmed, but now homeless. Another Member of the group is a former UN peacekeeper. He spent six years as a member of the Argentine consulate in Haiti. By the UN forces, he also has been classified to help maintain civil order. The support group is very diverse and mixed colors and is in line with the population living on the North coast of the Dominican Republic, where even Sosua is located.