Donations – You Know The Golden Rules ?

Every year at Christmas the generosity of the German begins to rise again. Because just knock this time of year the black sheep, maybe on your door, the German Spendenrat adopt the golden rules can be helpful in making a donation: only donate to organizations that are recognized as non! – As a nonprofit association applies if the work is selfless. A promotion may be general, material, mental or moral way to be. The organization at the request diagnostic material on the activities and the organization itself are available! – The organization you want something donations provide documentation for all willing donors, in which the work of the past or the future projects are described transparently. The organization informs donors regularly on completed and current projects! – Many will be informed at the end of the year as a thank you and / or for accountability of the funds had been channeled. The Organization fails aggressive advertising! – No pushy debt collector on the street or at your doorstep. It does no good to the image of the organization, leaving after the donations when aid workers feel uncomfortable. This is not for future donations to the organization promotes.

The organization is committed to transparency and openness. This is what the logo of the German Council donations or the character of the German Zentralsinstitut for Social Issues (DZI)! – Honest organizations convince their members by signature and logo. The organization publishes an annual report or annual report with statements about the use of funds! – Is hereby Relation in many cases, the post of thanks to the supporters of last year, as described above. Who wants to donate should know these rules, they claim in doubt, also, to give the donation in honest hands..