Formative Changes

It has that to have conscience of that the start of a formation goes to demand much envolvement and comprometimento of the professionals of the education. A world of constant educational changes with new generation of pupils in the schools is lived deeply, what it makes the professor to rethink the practical one, looking for to be in constant formation, each brought up to date and involved time more with the learning of the pupils. Therefore: When we think about education, we glimpse a professor who to the side of the specific knowledge of its area, either carrying of convincing abilities to educate and to organize practical the pedagogical one that carries through in its teaching action. Moreover we wait to see in the professor the consequence of a professional compromised to the demanded changes of each individual, one walked that it assists in the organization of its proposals, to act, to participate and to transform its reality. (RIVERO, 2004, p.85). The formative process must consider situations that make possible exchange of to know between professors, through projects articulated for joint reflection. The continued formation is an efficient form of the professors to reach the excellency level, therefore technologies move, information move provoking changes in the school and the skill of being and thinking of the students; being necessary that professors question unfinished and possible knowing having it as something to be reconstructed.

Therefore: … is not enough that each one accumulates of the start to the end of life one determined amount of knowledge with that if it can supply indefinitely. It is, before, necessary to be the height to use to advantage and to explore, of the start to the end of the life, all the occasions to bring up to date, to deepen and to enrich these knowledge, and of if adapting to a world of changes.