Friedrich Thiessen

Opinion on the study of the TU Chemnitz to the ALG II ruleset: TU Chemnitz created Hartz IV study – and we wonder about the situation in the country? The men professors Friedrich Thiessen & Christian Fischer publish a study with the title \”The height of the social minimum income – a recalculation bottom up\” \”.\” The publication took place in the journal of economic policy (Lucius & Lucius, Stuttgart), vol. 57 (2008), no. 2 p. 145-173. This study sparked nationwide significant reactions so too with us. This study are apparently interested in millions of German citizens, so we dedicate you a few critical views – and are appalled. What does this study after the grinder of the \”large\” press has gone through you? Now, the current rule set (reminder: ruleset is the money of the ALG II recipients a month have to can live, housing and heating not included, everything else already) is currently 351,00 EUR for a single. This could work well with 132 euro – so it learns the German citizens from various media and politicians mouths.

The original study is already more cautious, nevertheless indicates a range: \”without housing costs the costs of the social minimum income EUR 132 in the area Chemnitz in the Minimumfall and in the Maximumfall 278 euro.\” (Originally posted study, page 26, last paragraph). It reads but already quite differently – in the Maximumfall, 278 euros should be used so according to the professors. In Chemnitz. Only in Chemnitz? But of course only IN CHEMNITZ, because elsewhere the two have not seen Yes: \”the determination of prices was in the city of Chemnitz between 11 and 15 May 2006.\” (Originally posted study, page 15, first sentence) Oh, just another problem catches this painful eye: only in Chemnitz, and that more than two years ago. What have the last two years made again with the prices? Right, clearly raised.