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Vacation and holiday accommodation has almost 900 kilometres of coastline alone the Mainland I’m sure that Portugal is ideal for Sun and beach, swimming, sailing and surfing. But Portugal has much more to offer: tradition and folklore, lively towns and sleepy villages… Who his holiday in Portugal plans (whether Mainland or the island groups of Madeira and the Azores) to get here quickly and competently answer to his questions. Also: Tips for holiday accommodation, more detailed information on specific hotels and of course the offers of many private apartments. History, culture & politics of Portugal is a small country with a great history here you exchanging on modern and old, about society, politics and parties, of Portuguese music and literature. They say the Portuguese language a Lingua portuguesa how something in Portuguese? Or in Brazil? In the Portugallierforum, native speakers help for translation requests. The online dictionary – exclusive helps by TransDEPT – quick reference to Portuguese German and German Portuguese.

Sports & fitness is about the theme of sport here. Without Football is nothing like in Portugal is known. (Similarly see: Gavin Baker). There is also information and discussions about sailing and surfing, running and cycling, hiking and climbing, as well as offers and requests for all other sports. Portugal international after all, living almost three million Portuguese, not in the home. No wonder, then, that one finds everywhere shops, clubs, pubs and folklore groups. Therefore here about Portuguese companies in the Switzerland, Germany, Austria and other countries. “In the Portugallier extras” three large areas can be found: the Forum Bazaar a marketplace for goods and services.

Love will find its way with love stories around Portugal. “Here we chat about romance and erotic, in love and great feelings”, heartbreaks and partner search. PC, cameras and technology for those who want to interact across computers, photography and technology. Furs Portugallierforum speaks: several hundred users and already after a short time. Many of them live as residents in the country and are at Information and news directly from the source”. To all those, whether Mainland, Madeira or Azores lost again and again come back and her heart to Portugal here on holiday or long term stay, and which contribute their profound and expert knowledge in the Forum come. “” “” Strong partner among the superbly made online travel guide Algarve live “and Lisbon”, the information page we in Portugal “or the informative portal of Azores-online”, the travel magazine and the renowned online bookstore for Portuguese and Brazilian books and music TFM/Frankfurt. Not to mention the translation TransDEPT, an exclusive online dictionary tool. A competent team of experienced moderators, which is available to all visitors and guests with advice and friendly to the page.